Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Queen Mary, Surrey, Reading

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in solving problems which naturally led me towards Mathematics. Realising how this subject had contributed to the development of technology had only made my thirst for knowledge even greater. However, as I grew up, my interests started to widen. Throughout the years, globalisation has made international trading a priority for countries. Especially since the 2008 crisis, I discovered the importance of Economics and Finance in our society. This domain had definitely caught my attention when I realised the complexity of it and the many challenges it implicated. In fact, my parents have always worked in the financial world and they helped me understand better what it is all about. I finally decided to consider this path for my studies.

Economics and Mathematics are very much linked as one makes use of the other in various calculations. A common example is how derivatives are used in order to predict stocks values. After a lot of research I even decided to invest my modest savings into shares and managed to make a decent profit. I follow regularly the stock prices in particular the ones from the American Nasdaq as well as the London Stock Exchange. I also try to predict the outcome of events such as the monthly releases of unemployment figures in the U.S or the long waited release of a product by a world known firm. I am eager to develop my knowledge in Economics and Mathematics as they are primarily about solving problems. It can easily become frustrating but nothing compares to the feeling of finally being able to beat difficulties and finding a solution, making the hard work worth it.

During the Summer of 2012, I went and did my work experience at Bloomberg L.P, a company specialised in financial information. I participated in conference calls with clients as well as internal meetings between different employees. I was assigned tasks such as translating, preparing Power Point presentations or Excel sheets. In order for me to understand more in detail what was the task of some of the employees, I was allowed to spend time with them so that they could give me a better idea of what their job consists of. After two weeks, I had learnt a lot about Bloomberg and the world of Finance, and especially on how professional life looked like. Therefore I can say that this experience made me more prepared for the future that awaits me.

Music has always been one of my interests; however my tastes are very specific and differ from those of my age. I acquired a love for the 70s Rock music at an early age especially for bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Steppenwolf etc... I find that nowadays artists care more for their image than for the music itself. They end up spending less and less time on their music, thus relying on computers to create most of it for them. For over 3 years now I have been self-teaching myself to play the guitar and I enjoy playing it regularly. My interest in sports is also as important as the one I have in music. I have been playing tennis in a club and football in parks with my friends for as far as I can remember. Also, keeping myself fit by exercising regularly at the gym has always been part of my priorities.

I am looking forward to studying what I am truly passionate about and I am ready to work hard in order to overcome challenges and achieve my goals.

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