Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: LSE

Mathematics has played a central part in my thinking and in my life. Arguably, the influence and importance of mathematics in our world are greater than those of any other subject. Mathematicians can be said to shape social progress, as scientists, economists, and even politicians rely on them.

My fascination with mathematics is due to the beauty, complexity and logical structure which become apparent in the process of solving a problem: what may at first look difficult, and without obvious point of attack, can be solved through steady work and perseverance. I have participated in the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad every year since 2008. For practice, I solve problems used in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination and the International Mathematical Olympiad. I had the honour of being on the team representing Luxembourg at the Benelux Mathematical Olympiad (BxMO) in 2013. This exhilarating experience showed me once again that thorough preparation and hard work always pays off.

The use of mathematics in proving the correctness of natural laws in science has made a lasting impression on me. At school, I look forward to my supervised laboratory work in chemistry and physics, where we demonstrate formulas through practical scientific experiments.

In 2013, I did an internship with Goldschmidt & Associates, a tax consultancy and trust company. I worked in a team of former consulting firm employees, who advise companies on how to strategically position themselves on the market. I relished the challenge of complex analytical and logical thinking. This further strengthened my passion for Mathematics.

What fascinates me is how pure mathematics is used to predict the evolution of a business. Since the subprime crisis, risk management has gained in importance. Besides, private equity firms finance economic activities and give advice on how to run a business; this is especially vital for start-ups. They all rely on mathematical models of optimisation and risk calculation including probabilities. The exercises in 'Mathematics for economics and finance' by M. Anthony and N. Biggs have initiated me into this domain. To keep abreast of political and economic issues I regularly read ‘Die Zeit’ and ‘The Financial Times’. As the debt crisis is bound to affect all European countries in the long run, politicians need to be vigilant in planning national budgets. Therefore, in my opinion, mathematicians with a sound knowledge of economics must play a crucial role in finding the right path to intelligent expense.

As a Luxembourger with Lebanese origins I have grown up in a multicultural environment and speak English, French, German, Luxembourgish and Spanish, and studied Latin for four years. Both as a member (2009) and as elected vice-president (2012) of the National Youth Parliament I attended and organised meetings with national and European political leaders, and effectively defended young people's concerns. In addition, by participating in several Model United Nations simulations I became more confident in speaking in front of a large audience, made new friends and gained greater awareness of environmental, economic and social issues around the world.

To find my balance, I am a keen fencer and hold a sailing licence. I play the piano and the trumpet and have been a member of the local brass band for seven years. Tutoring younger students in mathematics and helping them achieve good marks gives me great satisfaction. All my free time activities require a lot of self-discipline and good time management.

The fact that proficiency in English is essential in the world of economics and finance nowadays made me want to apply to the United Kingdom from the outset. The proximity of the City of London is another advantage.

I am perfectly aware that my chosen course is highly demanding, but I am ready for the challenge, not least because I fervently hope that my professional life will centre on Economics and Mathematics.

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