History of Art

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: UCL, Warwick, Bristol, York, The Courltaut Institute of Art

Holding carefully a 10h century Persian Samanid bowl in my hands and knowing it belonged to an old Islamist civilisation while doing a shadowing experience at Sotheby’s in London definitely confirmed my passion of art and desire to know more about all the different kinds of art through the world. What was hidden behind the shape, the colors, the drawings on this bowl ? I often wonder what people look for in Art, and if they feel its emotional power as I do. Do they question art and want to understand its history ?

I first discovered History of Art classes two years ago when I went to King's college in Canterbury for a student exchange with my English class. I had to follow my roommate in her classes and one of them was History of Art. I immediately felt in love with the course. As I am French and follow a French education, I discovered there how lucky British students are to study what they like so early and also how teachers are really passionate, making me wanted to go to a British University even more.

Furthermore, last year I took a trip to Roma with my Latin class to study ancient Roman culture which I am keen on. Seeing those old monuments still standing magnificently in front of us moved me a lot.

From then on, I have read more about History of Art books to understand better the meaning of art. I love Literature, reading books and writing. There is one book that had made a deep impression on me: The Story of Art by E.H Gombrich. It helped to better understand the importance of the artists in Art.

In addition I’m also passionate about Photography and like capturing moments of life, often go and take pictures outside and see exhibitions about famous photographers like my favourite French Photographers Henri Cartier Bresson or Robert Doisneau. Last year I did a summer camp on Photography in the University of Massachusetts (USA) where I improved my technique and learned about details and extended my passion.

Otherwise I love music, I have been playing the flute for six years now and did some small concerts in a band once in a while. I am quite creative and every year I really enjoy taking part in the school fashion show where we have to make clothes according to the theme my team and I choose. Organising is something I am keen on. Two years ago, with two friends I created a baby-sitting concept called 'ACP Babysitters'. Whenever clients email us, it is 100% sure that they will have a babysitter. We do now have a lot of trusting clients and thanks to the babysitting I am more confident and responsible. I am a social person with a teamwork approach and I had the opportunity to work in a French charity called ‘CCFD’ (Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development) consisting in selling clothes to earn money for disadvantaged people. It made me understand how in a same town unfairness is everywhere and I knew I wanted to help them even more.

I am looking forward to going to university knowing that last year I also did a summer camp in Oxford Royal Academy in one of Oxford’s university where during two weeks I did an intense English experience while meeting people from all over the world and making worldwide friends and definitely attacked by the British universities.

Therefore if there is something that I know is that working as a museum curator, exhibition curator or in an auction house would be an extraordinary dream finally coming true and history of art can lead me to it, in a way between passion and work, a way that I love.

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