Computer Science

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Imperial College, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bath, Sheffield

Computer Science is increasingly taking a more important part in our lives, at home, at work or during our leisure time. I’m keen to understand the impacts of evolution of Computer Science: learning how artificial intelligence, machine learning or pattern recognition would influence our future lifestyle are few examples of exciting areas to focus on. Studying Computer Science will equip me to embrace lateral thinking which could help solve every-day life problems and consequently extend my expertise post graduation to model scenarios and build products aimed at the consumer market.

As most inquisitive teenagers, I also love playing video games on the computer and gaming devices and this intrigued me to take up programming as a hobby. I have watched various tutorials on the Internet to improve my Visual Basic language skills, especially when I started to learn the language in 2012. I have also done some simple algorithms on Algobox at school in Mathematics. The book “Introduction to Computing” by David Evans is compelling and left me with a balanced view on the subject and filled me with enthusiasm to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I find that computing is appealing because of its forever expanding domain and its constant evolution. This characteristic is very important in my opinion, especially as I am motivated by changes and improvements. It’s also an important factor because it adds more diversity and encourages adaptability in the computing industry on the whole. I have studied both in the English system and French system and therefore feel that my capacity to adapt is quite high which is beneficial in computing as is a mathematical background. I am good at Mathematics and Physics largely because I am logical by nature and enjoy solving computing problems. I always rise to the challenges that I face and research how to solve the issue however long it takes. Sometimes, this means starting from scratch but I am always determined to achieve the end results and strive towards my goals. I believe those are important skills for becoming a Computer Science engineer. <p> I have already had a small taste of the world of a computer engineer during my work experience at Deutsche Bank. During this experience, I learned about graphics, audio engineering and multimedia activities which increased my interest in pursuing a degree in computing: I learned a lot, even made my own video and I also really enjoyed myself. It was a really valuable and interesting opportunity!

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming and working out. I go to my local gym at the Merton leisure centre. This ensures that I have a balanced lifestyle and stay fit and active as well. I often enjoy individual sports, which shows that I am autonomous. However, I do like working in a group as well and I have often worked in a team at my school and usually volunteer to take the leading. This has made me discover that I have strong leadership skills, which is necessary in computing because you need to work well as an individual as well as in a team.

Computing is my passion and what I want to do for a living after university. I am confident that my enthusiasm and strong determination will be valuable assets throughout my journey to graduation at your university.

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