Business and Management

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Bath, Warwick, Exeter, Lancaster, Southampton

Last year was very important as it confirmed that the area of study I wanted to focus on was Management with a specific focus on Marketing, and that I was eager to pursue this career in a multicultural environment to which I have belonged since my childhood.

From a young age I have been interested in Advertising, and later Marketing, which I see as ceaseless renewal of ideas and creations key to the development of companies. I have a creative mind with a strong economic and mathematical background. As I want to develop my expertise in Management, I believe Marketing will be the right entry point into the world of business. To firm up my knowledge, I sought last summer internships in advertising which gave me the opportunity to work with three agencies in Paris for one month: Wunderman, June 21, and Equancy. While I was doing administrative duties I was able to have a global view of the inner working of an agency, think critically about the work and I was subsequently involved in feed-back discussions.

At Equancy, I was very interested in client relations and innovation. This prompted me to learn and develop my own website and apply a number of concepts which I had seen. The site I created and continue to expand,, is promoting unknown musicians and producers. I first did an extensive review of what existed and then built a proposal focused on user experience and great content with a humoristic touch. I am using social media to develop the brand.

In Year 11, I chose the Economic Sciences (ES) curriculum at the Lycee Francais in London as I wanted to better understand how the economy and, on a lower level, companies work. For the past year I have been particularly interested by sociology. I developed this aspect of Economics further in my personal project on the impact of pirate radios on British society in the Sixties. I am a regular reader of “The Economist” and “Alternatives Economiques” as well as “Le Monde”. I am currently reading an autobiography by R. Branson and I am fascinated by his ability to expand a single brand into so many products.

Having been raised in England and France, I want to pursue my studies in a British university because of their vibrant multicultural environment. I am bilingual in English and French, and speak German as a third language. My travels around the world have raised my curiosity for other cultures and people. My objective is thus to work in an international company as I feel more dynamic in this environment. I also think that in the area of Marketing there is a growing need for people who are able to bridge cultures and countries. During my internships, I met a lot of people whose bicultural background was key to their companies and I want to join their ranks.

My preferred extracurricular activities are sport and music. I have been playing the piano for now ten years and also the electric and acoustic guitar, which I put to good use in a rock band with friends. With regards to sport, I have been swimming for the last seven years in clubs and have done competitive dingy sailing in Brittany since I was five. With regards to my personality, people around me say that I am sociable and able to develop strong links with others. When I do something, I do it thoroughly. In a group, I am reliable and I am always keen to help people understand each other. I am strong minded but still open to other ideas. This and my intuition help me to find unique ways to approach problems which makes me successful. I am keen to take responsibilities at university and develop myself as well as my studies.

My objective during university studies is to understand the business world that surrounds me and to link it with my creativity. This is why I chose the Management course in which I will place a particular emphasis on Marketing. These studies will ensure that I gain the breadth of knowledge to successfully pursue a career in marketing and advertising, from both a client and agency perspective.

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