Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: King's College, Exeter, Leicester, Essex

Studying law became evident when I watched a trial at old Bailey, it was a unique experience that really sparked my interest in law; it had nothing to do with some of the shows you might see on television, the whole hearing was very structured and it was not as dramatic as television shows. You could see the dedication of the barristers for their case.

Studying for my Economic and social sciences baccalaureate helped me deepened my knowledge of law; during our lessons we studied how law and the passing of laws is something essential in each country. Following this I did some more research by reading newspapers such as The Economist or Alternatives Economiques I saw how different English and French law are especially when it comes to contract law, an aspect of the course that really interests me. Choosing a course to study at university is a very important choice as it will define your future; this is why I was very eager to do some research. Reading Letters to a law student by Nicholas J. McBride, was a very enjoyable way to do research, and gave me a good insight on studying law. This novel acted like a guide for me as the letters are addressed to a student who is thinking about studying law. I was able to understand what a career in law meant and it also reassured me about the course.

Company law and contract drawing law is something that I found most interesting during my research about law courses. I was able to experience the reality of these two aspects of law during a two week work experience at an international law firm. Some of the tasks I was given included reading contracts drawn by the firm for companies they were representing as well as drafting letters that addressed legal matters. During this placement I was able to see and experience what a corporate lawyer really did, I learnt that it is not an easy or glamorous job that requires a lot of dedication and organisation indeed you must always keep a tight record of your work and the working hours can be very long, ambition is also very important. Being able to speak to a corporate lawyer she explained to me what motivated her to become a lawyer who studied law and French law and got a double diploma, her story was very encouraging; she told me that her knowledge of both juridical systems was very helpful when negotiating contracts between France and England.

Being involved in school projects such as the school charity helped me develop my organising skill as well as my speech skills. Indeed we organise many events in order to raise money for charities, such as bake sales which requires us to be organise and improving our speech in order to convince people to help us. Working with ATD fourth world charity made me realise about the injustice that some people in countries have to deal with, not only foreign countries but also in England and that law has an important role in solving these problems. Outside school I am very active. I enjoy water sports very much which is why out of school I have been practising swimming for two years now. As well as swimming I have been practising windsurfing, sailing and piano for now four years. It helped me improve my focus and also taught me perseverance; both are important qualities when studying law.

In the future I hope to become a corporate lawyer and I know that university is the only way for me to get access to this particular career. Being French, living and studying in London for six years was a great opportunity for me as it helped me improve my English and become bilingual. I think that being able to study both juridical systems and get a double diploma will help me achieve my ambition of working in both countries.

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