Business and Management

Author: Oscar Bernardini

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Bath, Exeter, Loughborough, Kent

For me, international business means finding and implementing new ways for new products to reach new markets. It is an opportunity to explore and innovate, while building relationships with a diverse audience of colleagues and customers alike.

I am naturally drawn to the wider world, as I have lived in Japan, Singapore, France and Great Britain, and travelled extensively with my family on holidays. I love having the opportunity to improve my language skills - French, English and Spanish, made stronger by studying Latin for 6 years - in order to discover new cultures and communicate with others. My curiosity for foreign countries led to me wanting to understand and master the challenges of building business relations and communication between people of different cultures. My current classical French education is wide ranging but focused on the sciences, analytical skills, logic and theoretical studies. Applying these skills and discipline to a higher-level English education in international business and management, more open, pragmatic, focused on people-skills and more grounded in the “real world”, will be a great combination.

My most eye-opening working experience was spending ten days in a French law firm, shadowing a partner and several assistants in interviews, court sessions (including the French labour courts “conseil des Prud’hommes”), and having access to interesting case files involving both business and private matters. It gave me a unique insight into the importance of the Law, the complexity of business relationships, as well as a glimpse of some current civil society issues. The first opportunity to familiarize myself with a small business environment was when I worked for a pet shop in Fulham. Within 10 days, as I built self-sufficiency and trust, I enjoyed progressing from walking dogs to grooming and training them, to handling sales and customer requests, and organising daily tasks among the staff. I learnt a great deal about shop management, including some financial aspects. It showed me the link between hard work, customer satisfaction and profits and I realised that I thrive on the challenges of having responsibilities; it also helped me gain in confidence in my interpersonal skills. I achieved an “exceptional performance” grade from the owner and manager of the shop.

I also enjoy discovering visual arts and making animation films whenever I have the opportunity to help my mother who is a professional photographer. I now better understand the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

I love to compete in any kind of sports (football, tennis, athletics), but most of all, I am fond of playing football for my team in a London league. Every year I attend a ten-day football camp in France and last summer I got the “best trainee” award for my on- and off-the-pitch behaviour, team spirit, personal commitment to assignments and dedication to improving my skills.

In my spare time, I am an avid reader, Jules Verne being my favourite author for his imagination and wide ranging subjects of his adventures, and I am also keen on playing my favourite songs on the piano and guitar.

I look forward to studying international business and management as a springboard to exploring the richness and complexities of the world and its people, while also developing the breadth and depth of my skills.

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