Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Imperial College, UCL, Queen Mary

I have always been fascinated with how things work. At school I found my main interests lay in science subjects and mathematics and always achieved high grades. Among other school projects I mounted speakers and built a mini rocket propulsion. In my scientific projects and experiments, I have always followed one simple and efficient method, studying and understanding the basic theories and then using them to solve the problem. I have always sought to extend my knowledge of these subjects by considering the theory I have learnt beyond the curriculum to the outside world. I possess a scientific and mathematical mind, and have analytical skills which make me an ideal candidate to study engineering.

I was born in London where I spent the first fours years of my life. Although bilingual, French is now my first language. I am looking forward to returning to this thriving dynamic city. During my last visit I visited your campus and talked to tutors and students.I really appreciated the facilities, good atmosphere and personal interactions that exist there.

As a captain of a small Parisian football club I have helped organise the team and made it play cohesively by applying management skills and motivating each player, placing each one in the best position in the team, thus obtaining the best from each member and giving praise where due. As a result we have always been in the top three clubs of our league. I have acquired good management skills which are essential in a professional career.

Beyond my devotion to our football club, I also found time to help as a volunteer distributing soup to the homeless in Paris. This has helped me understand the importance of giving a hand where needed and to the differences of those from different cultures as are found in Paris.

I have also been fortunate to travel extensively with my family throughout Europe, to different African countries and by way of a total contrast to America.

I spent two weeks during the summer working with Microsoft. I really enjoyed my time there, where I was learning something new every day. I did a spell in all of the departments. The main objective was to learn how the company works and how to lead a project from the conception to the realisation of a product or software. I now appreciate the importance of the role of engineers, technicians, commercial and project managers and how they work together as a team in order to respond to the demands of clients.

I like the structure of your course where in the first two years students acquire a good technical and scientific foundation and then chose a speciality in during the two final years. The cross- disciplinary nature of the course and the good reputation of your university made me decide to apply for your degree.

With my strengths, skills and motivation to learn more about this subject I am ready to devote myself wholeheartedly to being an outstanding undergraduate at your university. I will be a hard-working, determined student, with a strong will to succeed in obtaining a prestigious degree which will be a great foundation to start a career in industry as an engineer. I very much look forward to the challenge of university and to a future varied and exciting career in engineering.

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