Aeronautical Engineering

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: Bristol, Brighton, Surrey, Brunel

As a child, I always stared at planes in the sky. For me they were some kind of mystical machine and I dreamt of one day being able to pilot one of them, even if I didn't know how they worked. During my schooling, I have always been interested in Science, Mathematics and technical subjects. I have also always tried to understand how the things work and I constantly enjoyed building and repairing things; for example, I assembled my computer myself. For all these reasons, I chose to prepare a scientific baccalaureate (Mathematics and Physics further Physics). Meanwhile, I continued to take a great interest in aeronautics by reading scientific magazines and visiting the Paris Air Show.

Last year, for the first part of the French Baccalaureate, I had to work on a collective project covering two subjects. Of course, the topic I chose was "the history of aviation technology". We had to do a lot of research concerning the technical aspects of aircrafts especially in aerodynamics and the materials used in this industry. We also had to learn how to work together on the same project and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I am now more determined than ever, and to get on to an aeronautical engineering course would be the culmination of my personal development. It is my understanding that the aeronautics division, although it has made huge progress in the last century, is still undergoing rapid changes, and I want to be a part of this.

As a French student from the French Lycée, I have had to decide in which country I would like to study. I am lucky to have the opportunity to study in the United-Kingdom and I want to take this opportunity. I would like to study in a multicultural environment and I believe that British universities are the perfect place for this. Moreover, they offer a high degree of education. Studying in England will also allow me to become completely fluent in English. So far I have managed to improve my English language by becoming involved in many social activities (sports, movies, etc) and by taking English lessons outside of school. Lastly, having attended several Universities Open Days, the conferences and the laboratories tours have reinforced my wish to study Aeronautical Engineering in England.

Apart from school activities, I also have other interests that have allowed me to develop some skills. When I was younger I did drama for two years as well as archery and climbing. I have also been playing the trombone for nine years and while in France, I was part of a conservatoire of music and we performed in many concerts. I now live in London and I still play trombone at school. In addition, I also had some work experience, working in a theatre with the Stage Manager. The role involved coordinating the stage settings with the sound and light teams. This experience taught me how to work as a team, the need to respect technical constraints and the challenge for solving a problem in time.

In conclusion, I know that an Aeronautical Engineering course is very challenging but I believe that my interest in scientific subjects, especially in mathematics and physics, and my capacity for hard-work will allow me to succeed. As it is also a very technical course, it will suit me. Finally, my various experiences (drama, orchestra, work in a theatre) have developed my capacity for adaptation and my taste for work as a team.

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