Applied in: Winter 2010

University Offers: UCL

Economics fascinates me as it poses and explains fundamental questions about society. I believe that Economics lies at the heart of every functioning economy; regional, national and global. Its sphere of influence extends to political and social issues and is increasingly central to any understanding of how a society operates and decisions are made. Due to its pivotal role, I wish to pursue my studies in this area.

As my project work for the Economics Baccalaureate, I researched and gave a presentation on the effects of competition between Airbus and Boeing. I gained an appreciation of the strategies adopted by each of these companies. This taught me to work to deadlines and to motivate myself without day to day support. I found this immensely satisfying.

Outside school, I try to read economic history and theory broadly and keenly. I enjoyed reading “Freakonomics” by S. Levitt and S. Dubner as they investigate different aspects of our society from corruption in Sumo Wrestling to the lack of professionalism by real estate agents and, more conventionally, the “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith which makes clear, amongst other things, the benefits of a free-market and how to establish the value of goods and wages. Adam Smith’s thinking is particularly remarkable bearing in mind that he was writing in the 18th Century and yet his theories are still relevant. However, I disagree with his view that unproductive work done by lawyers, musicians, and doctors does not contribute to economic growth. What he called unproductive labour now makes up 73% of the United Kingdom’s GDP. I also regularly read the Economist and the Financial Times and, whilst in France, Les Echos.

Over the last two years, I have developed a special interest in microeconomics, in particular mergers and acquisitions. I wish to discover more about the range of corporate structures which may be adopted and the financial imperatives which encourage a company to pursue such operations. My strong interest in this field recently enabled me to secure a work placement for this coming October with Lehman Brothers. This opportunity arose whilst chatting with a partner of Lehman Brothers about current affairs and the then imminent merger of Suez/GDF.

My other work experience during the last couple of years has included a week at Grange Hotels, during which I saw the day to day operations of a hotel chain, and in Nestle’s Marketing department where I came across a highly competitive environment both within Nestle and externally. This summer, I worked at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. This experience has helped me learn about the importance of teamwork, the need for motivation and that good management at varying levels is the key to an efficient organisation.

Having been brought up in a Franco-English family, from an early age I have experienced different cultures and ways of life. Several trips outside Europe, particularly to Tunisia and Brazil, revealed to me contrasting economies and societies and enabled me to appreciate what poverty can mean, so reinforcing my wish to study Economics. For the last three years I have tutored a student. This has helped me improve my teaching and communication skills and in turn may have led to my being elected as class representative on two occasions.

Sport has always been a major interest. I especially like swimming and volleyball and I compete in both sports. The French Lycee Volley ball team, of which I am the team captain, came second in the London Youth Games. My participation in these sports has taught me to persevere, to be self-confident and competitive. At home, I have learnt to play the piano, reaching grade 6, and have set up with friends a band with myself as lead-singer. At university I intend to develop my questioning spirit through the study of Economics and to play an active role in its clubs and societies.

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