Computer Science with Year in Industry

Author: Florian Aucomte

Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: King's College, Imperial College, Birmingham, Warwick, UCL

'There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home' (Ken Olson) - how ridiculous this claim sounds today. Throughout history, great minds have relied on life as they knew it to in-form their perception of the world's future. The Romans believed the Earth was flat, the atom was believed to be the smallest particle and who would have imagined the importance of computers today? By being at the cutting edge of technology even greater minds can persist in the development of knowledge and the continued advancement of society. I want to take part in that development.

I am applying to Computer Science as I am fascinated by its multitude of applications in the modern world. It has changed the way we all live and go about our daily activities. From using email instead of letters to ordering goods over the internet, computers are taking a bigger place in our homes. They have also been responsible for drastic changes in society, accelerating the pace of advancements in science. We can build virtual models of DNA structures, complex online banking systems insure the safe transfer of money worldwide and we can guide a satellite from Earth to follow a trajectory thousands of miles away. Not to forget the more ludic aspects of computing applications like game design.

I believe I would be very well suited to the course as my current studies have strongly developed my scientific and analytical skills. I enjoy solving mathematical problems and learning about the workings of other sciences such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Computing would be a way of satisfying my curiosity in an industry where being both analytical and creative is finally possible. At thirteen, I was awarded my B2i, a diploma validating computer skills and knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I was also elected class representative twice, being trusted with assuring communication between students and teachers which is crucial to the efficiency of the establishment.

Outside of school I apply myself to learning the art of music, having taken piano lessons since the age of seven. With daily practice, patience and precision I have achieved Grade 6 last year and am now preparing for Grade 7. At home I enjoy creating games, short films and music; with simple programs like Moviemaker or Mixcraft I have taught myself to express my creative ideas. I also know how to use Radiant, a 3D design program for mapping in gaming. I also take pleasure in reading about different forms of coding such as binary code, JavaScript, html etc.

A further passion of mine has always been drama. I love being on stage, bringing a character to life and making people laugh. At the age of twelve I enrolled at the Questors Youth Theatre where I attended evening classes covering several techniques like improvisation and played part in small productions. I regularly go to plays and have written three scripts, one of which I directed in a school performance this year. Lastly, I also love travelling: discovering new countries and cultures, seeing them de visu, experiencing for myself the effects of their history I very much enjoy reading about in books.

Last summer I worked at the European Bookshop where I discovered my enthusiasm at work when given responsibilities. I learnt to contribute as part of a team as well as working independently. I became more comfortable responding to complaints and queries over the phone, learning to communicate solutions and offer a purchase alternative if an item was unavailable. I enjoyed making use of my French mother tongue as well as English, in which I am fluent, and my conversational Italian within a business setting. These diverse language skills also allowed me to attend several conferences taking place at the bookshop, which were not all in English.

I believe one of the great joys in life is to study a subject you are truly passionate about, which is why I am really looking forward to studying computer science.

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