Applied in: Winter 2013

University Offers: LSE, UCL, Warwick, Bristol

Ah, Economics. This is one subject that highlights my love of learning and overcoming academic challenges. The all-pervasive and consequence oriented nature of Economics appeals to me the most and therefore, a certain curiosity about the subject exists in me that I wish to slightly lessen in my life.

My eagerness to study the factors that affect consumer decisions has compelled me to write my Extended Essay in Economics wherein I am comparing the influence of non-price with price factors on the choice of flight for flyers in Mumbai. This ongoing research has sparked my interest in studying consumer theory at university. The Theory of The Firm is another topic that I have found particularly stimulating and my keenness to understand the structural differences between online and brick-and-mortar retail industries has driven me to conduct an independent research on their market structures. Along with my Extended Essay, this continuing and extensive research has not only honed my interpersonal and research skills but also given me an understanding of economic theories in a practical context.

Reading about India's development has been very illuminating. In my opinion, 'Imagining India' by Nandan Nilekani has set a sound framework for me to understand India's current economy by discussing its socialist-inspired ideology in the post-independence years and its route through the 1991 reforms and 2000s to where it stands today. Having been brought up in India, I have become familiar with unperturbed assertions like "India will be the next superpower". However, 'An Uncertain Glory' by Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze has revealed to me another perspective in that it has showed me that contrary to common notion, growth does not necessarily translate into economic development. Additionally, I also try keeping track of the latest macroeconomic events of my country, applying the concepts that I study within the classroom.

Mathematical modeling is something I truly enjoy. From successfully completing all ten levels of UCMAS- a three year mental arithmetic course- to studying the optional IGCSE Additional Mathematics, this subject has always appealed to me. My love for problem solving induced me to choose Physics HL and Computer Science SL along with Math HL. Maybe this is why I also relish Sudoku puzzles. I am enthusiastic about applying these skills in the study of Economics.

I have tried to challenge myself both academically and non-academically throughout my life. I have received the Academic Excellence Award, which my school gives to only two students at the end of Year 10, and the Cambridge Outstanding Learner's Award for topping India in Chemistry. As a well-rounded student, I believe it is never too young to contribute and that poverty has no age, something I realised as the 'Infrastructure' team leader of my school's rural service project. Using the villages' scarce resources efficiently to ensure long-term sustainable incomes for the locals, our team tries to empower them to tackle their problems. I am currently also the Head of Accounts for my school's international MUN, a responsibility that involves laying the administrative foundation for the conference. In the process, working with different sets of people has strengthened my organisational and leadership skills and taught me to allocate my time with greater efficiency. These are the experiences I hope to benefit from while at university.

Today, India stands at a historic crossroad to fully utilise its demographic dividend. I too, stand at a crossroad that will define my tryst with my passion. With the knowledge that I gain in UK's academically focused and rigorous environment, I want to return to my country to help improve the lives of people living in rural India.

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